Translation and Editing of Scientific and Technical Texts


The Institute of Applied Linguistics provides interpreter’s/translator’s services of high quality and ensures professional editing of scientific and technical texts. We work according to the quality criteria of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union. Our specialists take into consideration different requests of the clients. We will translate any text from any scientific and technical field and carry out stylistic and grammatical editing of the text in different EU languages for you.

The experience, acquired during 15 years of teaching of interpreters and translators, allows our specialists to be competitive on the market. The staff of the Institute of Applied Linguistics has been cooperating with the experts of different engineering sciences and technical fields for quite a long time. Our employees actively keep track of innovations and other changes in the terminology of corresponding fields.

By implementing  Bachelor and Master professional study programmes “Technical Translation”, the Institute of Applied Linguistics educates and trains high-level specialists demanded on local and foreign labour market. Thus, the field of translation and translation quality assurance are promoted not only in Latvia, but in the whole European Union.


Contact person:

Assistant professor Marina Platonova

Coordinator of International Relations

Address: Meza 1/1, Room 409

Telephone number: 67089501

Fax: 67089539