International Students

What to Study?


The following study programs can be studied at the Institute of Applied Linguistics:

Study program

Study level

Acquired degree

Acquired qualification



Technical translation

Bachelor professional studies

Professional Bachelor Degree in technical translation

technical translator – desk officer


4 years


4,5 years

Technical Translation

Master professional studies

Professional Master Degree in technical translation

technical translator – desk officer


1,5 years


2 years

*for graduates of academic Bachelor study programmes

Why study at the Institute of Applied Linguistics?


The list of professions that can be acquired in Latvian and foreign higher education establishments is indeed impressive. The choice of the profession is influenced by several factors.

While thinking of which profession to choose, you must have read various books, have seen many movies and TV programmes, have searched for the information on the Internet. But have you ever wondered that all this information has been not only gathered and written, but also translated and edited by someone for you?

Nowadays, when international communications are growing in importance and they have already become an inherent part of different areas of our life, the profession of translator/interpreter becomes of particular value. Translator’s/interpreter’s services are necessary during business meetings and negotiations, conferences and seminars; they are needed for publishing books and handbooks, compiling manuals, translating movies and other TV programmes.

If you want to understand, how the text is transformed to produce a text in another language, how it is accepted, how it is processed, delivered and further used, come and study at RTU!

Moreover, profound knowledge of your native and foreign languages will be your valuable asset in any field of work.

Validity and Topicality of the Study Programmes


The demand for translation specialists on the Latvian market – in translation bureaus, enterprises (particularly joint ventures), foreign projects in Latvia, state and municipal institutions, as well as in any other place, where it is impossible to do without knowledge of foreign languages and engineering sciences, without creative approach to work, presentation and translation skills – attest the expediency of Bachelor and Master professional study programmes “Technical Translation”.

All the above mentioned skills and competences are profoundly developed within the framework of the programmes. Bachelor and Master professional study programmes facilitate professionalization of foreign languages (professional tuition), promote the synthesis and integration of abilities and skills according to the requirements of the European Union labour market.



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